Over the past few years there has been growing realization to integrate the key business processes starting from suppliers to the end users of the product. Supply chain activities have an important role in transformation of natural resources, raw materials & components into a finished product and its delivery to the end customer or user. This has brought strong focus on Supply Chain Management which leads to better planned production and cost effective distribution of products. Certified Supply Chain is designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of logistics, vendor/inventory/warehouse management of the organizations and to provide them a process to get competitive edge in the market.

Who Should Join:

You are already working in supply chain management or a related field, and want to update or formalize your skills and knowledge to give you a competitive edge. You’re looking to advance your managerial career, or add a new dimension to your current role. You are looking to launch a new career in supply chain management, and want to equip yourself with a practical knowledge and up-to-date skill set to do so.

Course Outline:

PIRT Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of course.

  • Introduction of supply chain management, supply chain strategy, value chains, achieving strategic fit, Responsive and Efficient supply chains, Drivers of supply chain (overview) bullwhip effect, Levels of SCM. Core processes of SCM, Supply Chain design for existing and new products, The new product development process, Mitigating risk in NPD, Role of finance in NPD, Integral product design.
  • Quick response, Accurate response, loss function, design of distribution networks, Balancing the supply with demand, Concept of true demand, Demand collaboration, CPFR, Supply chain mapping.
  • Process thinking, process management and system thinking, process view of supply chains. Order cycle, Order fulfillment process, managing the physical flows, logistical element in the supply chains.
  • Product availability, Appraisal of Inventories, Multi-Echelon Inventories, Virtual Inventories, Push Inventory Control, Single Order Quantity, Advanced Pull Inventory Control, Risk pooling.
  • Role of aggregate planning in supply chains. LP model of aggregate planning Network Optimization Models, Capacitated Plant Location Model, network design.
  • Supplier relationship management, Supply base optimization, shifting roles, total cost of ownership, and concept of strategic cost management. Purchasing and supply scheduling, Transport fundamentals, VMI, Cross docking.
  • Information sharing, connectivity through IT, ERP, E-commerce, relationship management, transactional relationships, coordination in supply chains, Performance measurement, benchmarking the supply chains, SCOR model, aligning incentives.
  • Collaborative innovation, people management, Benefits, Pitfalls, Limitations, trends and future of supply chain management, Assessment of supply chains, reverse supply chains, green supply chains.

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Certified Professional having sound knowledge and experience of the field will lead the training program.


PIRT Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of course.


2 Months – (8 Weeks) – 32 Cr. Hrs.

SATURDAY Only  ,  Timing: 10:00am to 2:00pm