Certified Engineering Management Professional


This certification course has been designed to improve the skill set needed by professionals working in supervisory or leadership roles in engineering based organizations. The course consists of nine modules and covers a wide range of aspects required to improve the individual as well as organizational performance.

Course Outline

1- Business communication [2 sessions]

Communication strategies, written, verbal and non-verbal communication. Presentation skills. (Assignment 1)

2- Human Resource Management [1 session]

Job analysis, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal.

3- Leadership and Motivation [1 session]

Leadership styles and functions., Maslow’s need hierarchy, Herzberg theory, motivation through job design.

4- Quality concepts [2 sessions]

Quality types and dimensions, Customer focus, Continuous Improvement, Quality costs, ISO 9000 series of standards (Assighment 2)

5- Value and Cost Concepts [1 session]

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6- Inventory management [2 sessions]

Types and Functions of Inventory, Inventory Counting and replenishment, Economic order quantity.

7- Productivity [2 sessions]

Productivity measurement. Productivity Improvement strategies, KAIZEN (Assignment 3)

8- Project Management [2 sessions]

Classification of Projects, Project Management Process Groups, Project Network Analysis. (Assignment 4]

9- Environmental Management and Safety [2 sessions]

Types of Industrial Pollution and their impact on environment. Introduction to ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.

Grade Policy

  • Class assignments / presentation + Quiz                                                  50%
  • Final Exam                                                                                                      50%


The faculty is derived from a pool of qualified practitioners and academicians with sound track record and expertise in the field

Who Should Join

B.Sc/B.E in any Engineering Discipline (Except Civil and Architecture Disciplines), B.Tech. (Hons) in Relevant Field or Equivalent Qualifications.

Experienced Diploma holders , Graduates or Equivalent  .


PIRT & Superior University  Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of course.


4 Months – (16 Weeks) – 48 Cr. Hrs.

Sunday Only .