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Col. Sajid-ur-Rehman

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Syed Shaukat Husaain

Dy. Chief Engineer

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Planning Engineer
(Metro Bus Transit System)

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Col. Sajid-ur-Rehman

PIRT is an institute, which astonished me by giving such a valuable education in my construction management program. What is delivered in this institute can be matched with any University of the world. I am wishing its prosperity and progress in future.

Col. Sajid-ur-Rehman(NLC)
Syed Shaukat Hussain

‘PIRT’ is an Island of Research & Training in which flowers from 23 years to 65 years blossom. The degree of Construction & Engineering Management would have remained a dream had PIRT not come up with an idea of weekend classes for Professionals, to which other Universities are following suit now.

Syed Shaukat HussainSNGPL (Lahore Region)
Shaela Safwan

PIRT is indeed a professional platform with multi-dimensional diversity.  The renowned faculty and good curriculum makes it an ideal choice for specialization in the offered disciplines. I expect that new field of Masters in Project Management will also turn out to be a remarkable success in giving the true management skills to professionals and students.

Shaela SafwanPTCL
Omair Sadiq

I joined PIRT and all was more than what I was expecting before taking first lecture. Teachers were very professional and delivering lectures on advance Construction Management using latest software techniques which are being practiced all around the world.  That day onward, irrespective of degree, I am really getting true managerial skills.

Omair SadiqPlanning Engineer (Metro Bus Transit System)